Dear Friends, we made it!

The history of Die Wiesenburg continues… and we would like to celebrate it together with you

On the first edition of the festival in 2016, we hosted 400 people per day and the success motivated us to continue the organisation of the festival with a desire of making it on a bit bigger scale. This year a two-days festival is funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH and will be supported by the team of Radio Fritz. The festival will take place on 9th and 10th September 2017 on our charming grounds of the former homeless shelter from 1896, also known from famous film scenes by Fritz Lang and other filmmakers.

Part of the program will be an exclusive selection of newcommer bands from format of radio show ‘Unsigned’ | Radio Fritz (Prada Meinhoff, Pretty Mery K and RÁN) and live concerts of headliners like ‘Tanga Elektra’, ‘The Egg’ (UK) and ‘Based4’ (members of Seeed, Marteria, TheKrauts). We are as well planing to project a film from 1929 that was shot here in Wiesenburg accompanied with the live vinyl DJ set of ‘2 Plattenspieler’ and we invited the really special film crew of ‘Kalmak Canac – The Film’ to spicy the night and show us their master piece, an amazing short film Made in Berlin.

Furthermore we will hold for the whole weekend the acrobatic theater of the fantastic ‘Schroekleloecks’, special guided tours of the Wiesenburg, art exhibitions and acoustic concerts with Jesus Herrera Guitar and QuiQue Escamilla.

At the invitation of the association ‘Die Wiesenburg NGO ‘, representatives of Berlin politic, culture and the art’s scene will be appearing for a podium discussion on the theme: ‘City of the Future 3.0: What is Berlin’s artistic and cultural future in the area of ​​conflict between urban development?’

Drinks will be served by Café Pförtner and Studio8. The ‘Han & Ahn Food Truck’ will prepare authentic Korean food and the famous Wedding ‘Ice Mobile will sweeten the day with handmade ice cream.

• Below you can find our entire program schedule. The Festival is admission free and You are really welcome to come and enjoy together with us.

+ Festival #2 Official Trailer

Program 9th September | 14:00 – 22:00

+ 14:30 | Schroekleloecks | Acrobatic Theater

+ 15:30 | Guided Tour of the Wiesenburg

+ 16:00 | Pretty Mery K | Live Concert

+ 17:00 | RÁN | Live Concert

+ 18:00 | Live Political Podium Discussion | ‘City of the Future 3.0: What is Berlin’s artistic and cultural future in the area of ​​conflict between urban development?‘ | with Katrin Lompscher + Klaus Lederer + Ephraim Gothe

+ 18:30 | QuiQue Escamilla | Acoustic Concert @Werkhalle

+ 19:00 | Prada Meinhoff | Live Concert

+ 20:00 | Schroekleloecks | Acrobatic Theater

+ 21:00 | Open Air Cinema with DJ-Set ‘2 Plattenspieler’

+ 22:00 | Aftershow with ‘Kalmak Canac – The Film’ + DJ Mr. G. aka Samowar

Program 10th September | 12:00 – 20:00

+ 12:30 | Trevor B Lewis | Live Concert

+ 14:30 | Guided Tour of the Wiesenburg

+ 15:30 | Tanga Elektra | Live Concert

+ 16:30 | Schroekleloecks | Acrobatic Theater

+ 17:00 | Jesus Herrera Guitar | Acoustic Concert @Werkhalle

+ 17:30 | The Egg (UK) | Live Concert

+ 19:00 | Based4 | Live Concert

+ On both days ‘Chiasm’ art exhibition with Marcus Matt and Nicklas Randau in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg


Prada Meinhoff

 + 19:00 o’clock | 9th September

The Egg 

+ 17:30 o’clock | 10th September

The Egg

Tanga Elektra

+ 15:30 o’clock  | 10th September


+ 17:00 o’clock  | 9th September

Pretty Mery K

 + 16:00 o’clock  | 9th September


+ 19:00 o’clock | 10th September

Trevor B Lewis

+ 12:30 o’clock  | 10th September

Trevor B Lewis

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