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acknowledging QM Pankstrasse's guiding principle

+ Private Tenants 

our longest tenants and caretakers of Die Wiesenburg

Anna and Wolfgang Dumkow

Anna and Wolfgang Dumkow

Former Administrators

This couple and their sons, Joerg and Joachim, managed the 'Berlin Homeless Association' from 1960 until its closure in 2014, building up Die Wiesenburg and establishing it as a cultural and social meeting point for the district.
They have strong ties with the local primary school and support many of their activities.
Joachim Dumkow

Joe Dumkow

Set Medic and more...

Joe grew up in Die Wiesenburg. He is a set medic for international film productions, actor, surfer and dubbing artist.

He was awarded the award for Best Actor, Berlin/Brandenburg Film Festival 2015

© Jörg Dumkow

Jörg Dumkow

Photographer, Bass Player

Jörg Dumkow was a member of administration team until October 2014 and is a long-term tenant in Die WIesenburg. He is a freelance photographer whose work can be seen on

+ Commercial Tenants

our creative professionals

+ Association Members

our problem solvers

Enno Kuck Chairman 2020

Enno Kuck


Dirk Feistel Board of Executive 2020

Dirk Feistel

Board of Directors

Heather Allen

Heather Allen

Board of Directors

Heather Allen is a British sculptor who has been living and working in Germany since 1997.
Focussing currently on sculptural forms, her work has encompassed installation, video and photography, and has been seen extensively in Germany and internationally.
Paul Klier Board of Executives 2020

Paul Klier

Board of Directors

Frieder Rock Advisor and facilitator | Eine für Alle eG 2020

Frieder Rock

Advisor and facilitator | Eine für Alle eG

Bojana Nikolic

Project Manager | Communication Design

Frank Rommel Board of Executives 2020

Frank Rommel

Board of Directors

Isabelle Schad

Isabelle Schad

Dancer and Choreographer

Isabelle Schad is a German choreographer and dancer.
Her works take place at the intersection between dance, performance and visual art, and have been performed internationally. She also teaches worldwide.
She is a member of both Die Wiesenburg and Wiesen55 associations.
More info about her work is on
Photo: L. Goldring
Bruno Pocheron

Bruno Pocheron

Stage Lighting Software Developer

Bruno Pocheron is a member of both DIe WIesenburg and Wiesen 55 associations, and the initiator of Gangplank, a fluid gathering of artists, technicians and theoreticians working in the field of performance arts that concentrates more specifically on stage work.
Lotte and hand

Bertold Hauff


Bertold Hauff, aka Lotte, is a puzzle. Or is he a test?
Bo Thomas Henriksson

Bo Thomas Henriksson


Ania Michaelis

Ania Michaelis

Theatre Director

Ania Michaelis studied ‘Total Theater’ at the Rodios School, performing afterwards in German theatres. In 1999, she became a director winning awards in inter/national festivals. 2009-11, she directed Theater o.N., ‘Theatre for a very young audience’. 2103, she initiated the 1st ‘Fratz - International Theatre Festival For A Very Young Audience’ in Berlin. 2011-15, she was lead director of the ‘tig. theatre young generation’, Dresden. Her collaboration with Agora Theater, ‘The Story of a Long Day’ premiered in 2016.
She has been a member of the management committee, Die Wiesenburg e.V. since 2016.


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