+ Everybody can become a member

of Die Wiesenburg e.V.

+ The club tasks is the maintenance, promotion and harmonic further development of ‘Die Wiesenburg’ as a social, cultural and historic place in the Wedding area for benefit of Berlin cultural scene. We are searching for talented and skilled people to join us and develop with us future projects and connections.

+ Welcome to the Membership Section


annual subscription is 60€, payable in January of each year

• as a club member you’ll be invited for a meetings that took place every two months

please state whether you would like to become a supporting member or an active member in message bellow

• each member is free to leave the club at any time

 •  we will notify you by email of your successful membership application and further details of payment


    Still not sure?

    meet our tenants or have a look at our projects


    F o l l o w  U s

    Where you can find us

    Wiesenstr. 55, 13357 Berlin