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Turning Solo

+ Naïma Ferré has been a practitioner of ‘whirling’ for many years.

It is a type of hypnotic dance that involves revolving around one’s own axis .

“The ability to spin for long periods and the intensity required to do so have inspired me to produce a solo with and for her. An initially minimalistic study in movement slowly becomes a shimmering jewel, a rotating sculpture and the choreographic portrait of a dancer.”

Isabelle Schad


+ When | 30th June – 1st July 2017 at 7 PM

+ Where | Wiesenburg-Halle, Hoff II | Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

+ Free Entry

+ Seating is limited, please book your seat by writing to schrammheiko@gmx.de

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Turning Solo Dance Performance

22nd June 2017

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Double Portrait Dance Performance

17th June 2017

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Bone Zeno Album Release

1. Juni 2017

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