is a complex work that challenges both the choreographer Isabelle Schad and her audience in previously unseen ways. And thus creates opportunities to go beyond borders.

Katharina Schmidt

+ ‘Fugen’ is an autobiographical work

…in which the body exemplifies the construction of the individual as a part of systems, education and disciplines. Coming from a music background and a lifelong interest in the polyphonic work of J.S. Bach, she attempts to look at her own (hi)story and the origins of (her) movement between discipline and pleasure. Fugues is an autobiographical work in which the performer’s body serves as an example for the construction of the individual within disciplines and systems one cannot escape from.

+ Photo Courtesy: Laurent Goldring

+ The notion of fugue (Latin ‘et effuggium’ refers to ita. ‘fuggire’ = en. ‘flee’ and ita. ‘fugare’ = en. ‘hunt’) unites two antagonistic principles in a single organizational form. She uses it as an analogy for the body in forms of training in which principles of hunting and fleeing, giving and receiving, emptiness and fullness become one, both in the body and in the movement as in the mind and in it self.

Schad begins to tell and show. Little by little, the piece becomes a fugue, a form within the form in where Fugue joins Fugue. Schad uses the compositional principles of repetition and time shifting and explores the diversity and simultaneity of rhythms, lines, voices all in the same body. Schad, who has been exchanging ideas with visual artist Laurent Goldring for years, now goes further with her questioning about the visibility of non-representative movements: ‘How can the practice become an image itself? How can the energy become an image?

+ Team

Isabelle Schad | Concept, choreography and performance

Saša Božić | Dramaturgy

Frances d’Ath | Artistic assistance

Cooperation with | Laurent Goldring, Alain Franco

Benni Schroeter | Light

Mehdi Toutain-Lopez | Light design

Heiko Schramm | Production Manager

Isabelle Schad | Production

HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Espace Pasolini (Valenciennes) | Co-Production

Charlotte Pistorius | Kostume

Laurent Goldring | Photos

+ The pieces ‘Fugen’ and ‘Solo for Lea’ are parts of a series of works subtitled by Isabelle Schad as portraits and will be screened as revivals in the context of “Double Bill” on the same weekend at the HAU and in the Sophiensaelen

+ When | Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April 2018 at 19:00h
+ Where | HAU3 | Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin
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