Live radio show, combining political interviews with music 

+ Hosted in Studio X Berlin, Forum Fatal Live was a brilliant Show

From 26th to 30th August 2016 David Krause conducted 5 live shows interviewing the main candidates for the Berlin elections. Politicians Michael Müller, Ramona Pop, Klaus Leder, Stefan Evers and Marc Vallender were asked to express their points of view regarding the cultural and social future of Berlin. Entertained by personalities like Jurassica Parka, Crow and Juse Ju and with musical contributions of five different bands, David’s very special interviewing technique drew out illuminating information. We selected for you this particular interview where the simple yet very complex question was asked of today’s Mayor, Michael Müller: ‘Who are You?’

+ The event brought a closer look into the political scene to a young audience

who could present written questions regarding the ideas of each political party in a relaxed and very humorous show.

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