+ Panel on the Wiesenburg | Cooperation at eye level – is that possible?

The Clubcommission Berlin organises a Freiraumkonferenz as a hybrid event from 17. -19. August 2021. The conference deals with the topic of protecting, developing or generating “cultural spaces”. This format strives for dialogue between cultural actors, civil servants from the administration, representatives of the societies involved, and politicians to find common solutions. As part of the Freiraumkonferenz, Die Wiesenburg Berlin (‘Die Wiesenburg e.V.’ and ‘Die Wiesenburg Berlin eG i.G.’) is organizing a separate panel at the Wiesenburg together with the Club Commission.

Moderation processes in urban location development

In ​​the tension between the dense city and the ever-dwindling freedom for creative people, moderation processes are increasingly used to mediate conflicting interests in location development. They show a wide variety of interests, create a dialogue between actors, owners, administration, and the neighborhood, enabling civil society to help shape the city and its spaces. Economic and local interests meet the stakeholder’s right to co-determination – the public’s need and demand for individual perspectives.

Successful moderation processes can promote identity. However, they also offer enormous potential for conflict.

Using the example of ‘Wiesenburg’, ‘Alte Münze’ and the ‘RAW Terrain’, actors, administration, owners and tax companies are invited to talk about challenges, hurdles, successes and failures as well as the objectives of cooperative participation processes.

+ Questions

• What experiences do the participants bring with them?
• What are the prerequisites for a cooperative moderation process to take place?
• What are the challenges for the actors, administration, urban societies (or possible private investors), and tax companies?
• What prerequisites must be created so that the neutrality of the tax company used is ensured?
• Which fundamental conflicts and hurdles need to be overcome?
• How can moderation processes be optimized?

+ Speakers

Wibke Behrens – AG Alte Münze of the coalition of the independent scene
Alexander Krüger – Artistic Director Alte Münze
Iana Oswald – Cassiopeia on the RAW site
Enno Kuck – Die Wiesenburg Berlin
Anna Bernegg – Partner and Senior Project Manager Urban Catalyst GmbH
Ephraim Gothe – District Councilor and Deputy District Mayor of Berlin Mitte
Katrin Baba-Kleinhans – Head of District Management at degewo AG
Helge Rehders – Head of Department II Senate Administration for Culture and Europe

+ Moderation

David Krause – Autor, Journalist and Host

The event will take place in a hybrid form – physically and simultaneously with a broadcast as a live stream on this website. To secure a place for the events at the Wiesenburg, you can reserve one of the limited tickets here.

+ About the Project

Projektbüro Urbane Praxis together with Free Open Air Initiative of the Berlin ClubCommission has organised FreiRaumkonferenz.

 It will take place locally from August 17th to 19th in Berlin and online. Thematically, it is about cultural spaces in the city or rural areas, whether in the open air, old or new buildings. At the conference, we promote the exchange between authorities, cultural workers and politics. It is about common solutions to defend the scarce areas and spaces and to create new collaborations.

The Clubcommission participates with three thematic panels: simplified approval procedures for the free open air movement, culture in the countryside and the day of club culture. The following projects are involved with other topics: Initiative Urbane Praxis und CoCooN, Die Wiesenburg e.V, Häuser Bewegen Gima Berlin, Eine für Alle e.G., Lause Lebt e.V., studio representatives and studio offices of bbk Berlin, Torhaus Berlin e.V., the Alte Münze GmbH and Pornceptual.

+ When | August 17, 2021 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

+ Where | Die Wiesenburg Berlin | Ramp | Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

+ The event will take place hybrid – physically and simultaneously with a broadcast as a live stream on this websiteTo secure a place for the events at the Wiesenburg, you can secure one of the limited tickets here.

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