‘Culture conflicting with urban development priorities.’

+ Political podium discussion on ‘Die Wiesenburg On Air Festival #2’ | 9th September 2017 at 6PM | Wiesenburg Main Site

+ Katrin Lompscher | Senator for Urban Development
+ Klaus Lederer | Senator for Culture
+ Ephraim Gothe | District Councillor for Construction Berlin-Mitte
+ Martin Schwegmann | Senate Atelier Officer
+ Frank Bertermann | Chairman for Urban Development BVV Berlin-Mitte
+ Cordula Fay | Degewo Project Leader for ‘Die Wiesenburg Berlin’
+ Katja Lucker | Chairman for ‘Musicboard Berlin GmbH’
+ Christophe Knoch | Spokesperson for ‘Independent Scene Berlin’
+ Andrea Hofmann | Architect ‘Raumlabor’
+ Robert Bittner | Politics/Lobby for ‘Die Wiesenburg e.V.’

moderated by Bruno Dietel | Radio Fritz

How does the Berlin that we want today and in the future can look like?

Do culture, independent spaces and alternative lifestyles have to give way when residential accomodation is scarce and ever denser, and economic demands dictate any dealings?

Places like Die Wiesenburg make Berlin a special city. Many people prefer a community, a cooperation, and lively places that follow other rules instead those set by capital investment.

Residences and cultural spaces do not have to be mutually exclusive. Die Wiesenburg can be an exemplary model for this.

What can we do so that the ‘Die Wiesenburg lifestyle and spirit’ becomes a model for ‘another city’?

How can Berlin politics protect this balance and develop Berlin into an eclectic city worth living in?

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