Viva la Wiesenburg!

+ We would like to celebrate our love for Art and Music

and everybody is free to join. ‘Wiesenburg On Air | Music and Art Festival #3’ is a 2 day music festival hosting Newcomers and established Bands, contemporary Dance performances and Art Workshops suitable for kids and adults.

We are happy to report our last-years success, with over 1500 visitors per day and many international artist like Prada Meinhoff, The Egg (UK), Based4 (members of Seeed), QuiQue Escamilla (MEX) and many more.

The Festival highlights for this years Edition are; • Headliner live concert by L O T  • Contemporary dance acts by Isabelle Schad on both days • DJ sessions with Anne Regler all along two days • City on the ramp #1 | The Talk – ‘Perspectives for the next decade’ with representatives of political and cultural scene moderated by David Klub-Krause • Headliner live concert by Candice Gordon • Open air Film projection of Georges Méliès with live DJ set interpretation • Art Workshops and Art Wall for kids and adults all along two days and many more…

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the continuing support of: Musicboard Berlin GmbH as our festival funder, Edelmat Gmbh as sponsor as well as our festival partners Radio Fritz | Unsigned, Berlin Sessions and Ask Helmut.

With this Festival #3 ‘Die Wiesenburg association’ want to bring the old spirit of Wiesenburg once again to life, greeting and celebrating the upcoming renovation work and to serve as an example and counter model for honoring all forms of Art and Culture

+ Festival is Free of Charge and on both days it will be served delicious food and drinks

Line Up

L  O  T

 19:30 | Sun. 26th August


21:00 | Sat. 25th August


15:00 | Sun. 26th August


12:30 | Sun. 26th August


17:00 | Sat. 25th August


19:00 | Sat. 25th August


15:00 | Sat. 25th August


 17:00 | Sun. 26th August


23:59 | Sat. 25th August


Contemporary Dance Performances


22:00 | Sat. 25th August 

14:00 | Sun. 26th August

Nikolinanina akrobat


16:00 | Sat. 25th August 

18:00 | Sun. 26th August

Isabelle Schad


20:00 | Sat. 25th August 

16:00 | Sun. 26th August

Claire Terrien

Full Program

Saturday 25th August | 14:00 – 01:00

+ 14:00 | Festival Opening with DJ Session by Anne Regler

+ from 14:00 until 20:00 | Art Wall with T. Henriksson, S. Schama, S. Melone, H. Zebdji, E. Holmer

+ 15:00 | Live Concert by Karlie Apriori

+ 16:00 | Dance Performance | ‘Turning Solo’ by Isabelle Schad

+ 17:00 | Live Concert by Madanii

+ 18:00 | City on the ramp #1 |  The Talk – ‘Perspectives for the next decade’ | with representatives of political and cultural scene moderated by David Klub-Krause

+ 19:00 | Live Concert by Ponte Pilas

+ 20:00 | Dance Performance | ‘Unmeasurement’ by Claire Terrien

+ 21:00 | Headliner Concert by Candice Gordon

+ 22:00 | Dance Performance | ‘If I Play a New Game’ by Nikolina Komljenovic

+ 22:30 | Open Air Cinema with DJ Set ‘2 Plattenspieler’

+ 00:00 | Live Concert Special Guest • Prada Meinhoff

Sunday 26th August | 12:00 – 20:30

+ 12:00 | Doors opening with music DJ Session by Anne Regler

+ 12:30 | Live Concert by Yellow Bird

+ from 14:00 until 18:00 | Art Workshop with T. Henriksson, D. Tuomi, N. Plank, K. Meyers K. Kristina

+ 14:00 | Dance Performance | ‘If I Play a New Game’ by Nikolina Komljenovic

+ 15:00 | Live Concert by Footprint Project

+ 16:00 | Dance Performance | ‘Unmeasurement’ by Claire Terrien

+ 17:00 | Live Concert by El Cartel

+ 18:00 | Dance Performance | ‘Turning Solo’ by Isabelle Schad

+ 19:00 | Big raffle of the ‘Art Wall’ with David Klub-Krause

+ 19:30 | Headliner Concert by L O T

+ 20:30 | Festival Closing

+ On both days of the festival you can participate at Music and Painting Workshops in Werkhalle Wiesenburg Atelier

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